Dudenhefer announces pledge to veterans

Mark Dudenhefer, the Republican candidate for Virginia House District 2, has released a pledge to veterans.

He said he understands the issues facing veterans and their families, having been a Marine colonel for 30 years.

“Far too often the government breaks the promises made to our brave men and women, who sacrifice so much,” he said.

“My 5 Star Pledge to Veterans will guide me as your delegate, so veterans and their families know they have a strong advocate in Richmond.”

Dudenhefer said he will have monthly office hours for members of the military and their families to discuss the problems they’re facing.

He said he will work hard to support the local military advisory councils.

Dudenhefer said he has worked closely with the Town of Quantico to get funding for repairs of roads and local traffic signs and wants to expand the relationship to ensure the base, along with the town, has a strong advocate in Richmond.

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