Counterpoint: Dudenhefer, Maurer the best choices for HD2 and Rock Hill

These two candidates, running for the GOP nominations in the 2nd House District and for Stafford’s Rock Hill Supervisor seat, stand head and shoulders above their opponents.


I have known Mark Dudenhefer since 2002. Mark is a man of integrity and conviction. He has a passion for local road improvements with a focus of driver safety to specifically include our young teenage drivers here in Stafford and Prince William County. Mark has also worked tirelessly as the Supervisor from Garrisonville and as the Delegate for House District 2 in Virginia. He has a strong record of being a fiscally conservative Republican.

It is disappointing to see the outright lies about Mark’s record while his opponent, who just recently joined the Stafford Republican Committee, has people writing blog posts distorting Mark’s voting record while he has no voting record of his own – except that the opponent did vote in the presidential Democratic Party primary – which I would never do as a fiscally conservative Republican.

Mark Dudenhefer has the endorsement of several Republican elected officials to include Charles Jett the Stafford County Sheriff, who is one of the most respected elected officials in our area.

Mark has also been endorsed by the Mayor of Dumfries VA, Former Governor George Allen, Supervisor Maureen Caddigan and FIVE current Stafford County Board of Supervisors and many others, including the NRA .

Mark and his wife Kay have annually for the past 11 years awarded a sizable college scholarship to local high school student seen to best fit two criteria: volunteering and giving back in the community. The scholarship is given in the name of Emily Dudenhefer, Mark and Kay’s daughter who tragically lost her life on the notoriously dangerous Mountain View Road. This is what spurred Mark to enter politics, in a desire to turn his personal tragedy into good for others as he endeavored to make local roads safer for us, and our own young drivers.

Mark has drafted a lean government plan that has been endorsed by many local business leaders. Mark has the experience in navigating and getting legislation passed. Mark voted to lower his own salary, He voted to cut spending and balance the budget; he repealed the BPOL tax and reduced property taxes. Mark is an advocate for education and his record proves that.

Please join this resident of the Second District in voting on June 9th in the Republican Primary for Mark Dudenhefer.

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