Dudenhefer Announces Prince William County Advisory Committee

Stafford, Virginia – Mark Dudenhefer, Republican nominee for Virginia House District 2, is proud to announce a Prince William County Advisory Committee.

The advisory committee consists of local community leaders in Prince William County. The committee will help advise Mark on local issues and needs of families in Prince William County. Additionally, the committee will engage in the community and spread Mark’s message of leaner, more efficient government.

Prince William Advisory Committee:

  • Chris Royse
  • Kathy Royse
  • Lee Price
  • Jane Beyer
  • Robert Hartwell
  • Earlene Clinton

Dudenhefer’s campaign has actively outreached to Prince William County throughout the summer, and plans to further engage voters during the fall. To date, the campaign has knocked on 1,000 doors and has made over 3,000 phone calls in the county.

“Winning Prince William County in the Republican primary by over thirteen points shows great support for our message and campaign. I have proposed real solutions, ranging from fixing our transportation problems, to leaner, more efficient government. I look forward to continuing our work with Prince William community leaders and listening to the needs of voters,” said Dudenhefer.

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