Dudenhefer Calls on VDOT to Extend I-95 Express Lanes

Stafford, Virginia – Mark Dudenhefer, Republican candidate for Virginia House District 2, has called on the Virginia Department of Transportation to extend the I-95 Express Lane terminus further south.

In correspondence to Secretary Aubrey L. Layne, Mark issued a formal request to extend the I-95 Express Lane terminus past the I-95 Garrisonville Rd. exit. The current express lanes have been a welcome relief to many commuters and slugs. It has improved travel time and overall quality of life of many citizens. However, a bottleneck develops each day where cars leaving the Express Lane merge with I-95 traffic. A copy of the official request is attached.

Mark Dudenhefer has an extensive record championing solutions for transportation problems that affect the quality of life for Virginia families.

“As a commuter on I-95 for over 20 years, I fully understand the daily headaches that commuters face on the interstate. The extension of the Express Lanes down to Stafford has been a welcome improvement for commuters. However, it doesn’t take long to see the bottleneck that has been created around exit 143. Everyday, talking to commuters, I hear the frustration regarding this unintended consequence. If elected, I pledge to work closely with VDOT to ensure the extension of the express lanes terminus is expeditiously built,” said Dudenhefer.

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