Dudenhefer Campaign surpasses 5,000 doors and 7,000 phone calls

Stafford, Virginia – Mark Dudenhefer, Republican candidate for Virginia House District 2, is proud to announce that his campaign has reached key grassroots milestones.

The Dudenhefer campaign has run a strong, aggressive grassroots campaign since April. On a weekly basis, the campaign has knocked doors and made phone calls to spread Mark’s message of leaner, more efficient government. In just the past two weeks, the campaign has averaged 1,000 doors and 2,000 phone calls. This weekly number will only continue to grow.

“From the start of this campaign, we were committed to running an aggressive, grassroots campaign. Our top priorities have been spreading Mark’s message of implementing real solutions to fix our region’s transportation problems, and striving for leaner, more efficient government. The campaign will ramp up even more throughout the summer and will look to surpass 10,000 doors in just a few weeks,” said Campaign Manager Spencer Sullivan.

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