Dudenhefer speaks out against the proposed 4% VRE fare Hikes

Stafford, Virginia – Mark Dudenhefer, Republican candidate for Virginia House District 2, last night attended a public meeting in Woodbridge regarding the Virginia Railway Express’ proposed 4% fare hike.

In order to close budgetary gaps facing the VRE, the proposed budget calls for a 4% fare increase. The VRE has also raised fares in 2012 and 2013, while attempting to do so again in 2015. The 4% increase is supposed to raise approximately one million dollars to close the budgetary gap.

Mark Dudenhefer is vehemently against balancing the budget on the backs of commuters and middle class families. As a Delegate, Mark has a proven track record of garnering transportation funding for Stafford and Prince William Counties. He will fight against these fare hikes and current ones by offering solutions like the ones below.

I. Find funding through the current allocation of transportation funds.
II. Propose a budget amendment to provide additional funding for the VRE.
III. Work with the Transportation Partnership Opportunity Fund to provide funding.

An audit, brought to light by www.watchdog.org found that the Department of Transportation wasted $3 million by failing to fine a “non-performing Contractor”. Mark will be a strong advocate for cutting waste and fraud, so that Virginia middle class families are not squeezed any further to close budget gaps.

“The government cannot continue to close budgetary gaps by raising fares on commuters and middle class families. It’s just not right to lose millions of dollars for failing to fine a non-performing contractor and approve a very expensive trolley car line, and then raise fares on commuters to close a budgetary gap. We need a real leader in Richmond who has a proven track record of fighting to fund our transportation needs and who understand the struggles of middle class families,” said Dudenhefer.



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