Mark Dudenhefer Welcomes Josh King into Delegate Race

Stafford, Virginia – Mark Dudenhefer, Republican nominee for Virginia House District 2, welcomes Democrat Josh King into the race for Virginia House District 2. 

Mark Dudenhefer released the following statement:

“I welcome Josh King to the race. As a former Supervisor and member of the House of Delegates, I admire anyone with the willingness to step into the public square. I look forward to meeting Josh soon. Whether it’s creating good paying jobs, relieving traffic congestion or improving our schools, I look forward to a positive conversation about how to best serve our fellow citizens.”

my, and these are the values that I will continue to fight hard for everyday.  I also want to thank Tim Ciampaglio for running a spirited campaign.  I look forward to meeting and working with all the families in our community to make District 2 an even better place to live.”

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